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This lightweight business shoe features ample cushioning and support, making it the perfect lace up to complement a formal uniform. A BUNGEE insole and POLIMAX strobel combine to provide all day comfort in sophisticated style. 


  • Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) Endorsement
  • Australian Podiatry Association (APodA) Endorsement


  • TPU

    Benefit: Highly durable, and lighter than rubber. Resistant to fuel oil.

    What is it: Thermoplastic Urethane, superheated and formed into the outsole shape with injection moulding technology.

    Where is it: On the bottom of the shoe where it contacts the ground.


  • Arch Support Insole (BUNGEE)

    Benefit: Arch support insole with increased arch support and more cushioning. Removable, and so able to be replaced with orthotics if needed.

    What is it: Specially formulated BUNGEE foam formed to cup around the heel and under the arch (thicker under the arch than our normal arch support insole providing more support). Holes distributed from the forefoot and around the arch, combined with channels moulded into the bottom of the insole promote airflow.

    Where is it: Inside the shoe, directly under the foot.


    Benefit: Provides great energy return over a long period, so that the spring stays in your step no matter how far you walk or run.

    What is it: Bouncy elastic sponge material.

    Where is it: Mostly used in the midsole (for a limited number of styles), or the insole.


    Benefit: Cushions and protects the area directly underneath the foot from damage caused by walking on hard surfaces all day.

    What is it: Specially formulated long lasting foam.

    Where is it: Used directly underneath the insole.

  • POLIMAX® Strobel

    Benefit: Cushions and protects the area directly underneath the foot. Assists in keeping the foot cool, and controlling sweat.

    What is it: Open cell soft urethane foam.

    Where is it: Stitched to the upper underneath the insole.


  • ExoFrame

    Benefit: Supports the ankle and holds the heel firmly in place, providing excellent stability when the foot first strikes the ground. A firm heel counter is essential for fundamental support and stability.

    What is it: Rigid plastic material that is shaped to match the contours of your heel.

    Where is it: Inside the upper part of the shoe, surrounding the back and sides of the heel.


  • Full Grain Leather

    Benefit: Hard wearing and breathable, becoming richer and deeper with wear, molding and adapting to your foot like no other material. Resistant to high temperatures, resistant to tearing, cracking, and peeling. It’s naturally insulating, but also breathable.

    What is it: Natural full grain cow hide, tanned and dyed through with authentic techniques. This is the premium grade of leather.

    Where is it: On the upper (top part)





16 EU

0.5 UK

1 US

9.7 cm

17 EU

1.5 UK

2 US

10.4 cm

18 EU

2 UK

2.5 US

11 cm

19 EU

3 UK

3.5 US

11.5 cm

20 EU

3.5 UK

4.5 US

12.3 cm

21 EU

4.5 UK

5 US

13 cm

22 EU

5.5 UK

6 US

13.7 cm

23 EU

6 UK

7 US

14.3 cm

24 EU

7 UK

8 US

14.9 cm

25 EU

7.5 UK

8 US

15.5 cm

26 EU

8.5 UK

9.5 US

16.2 cm

27 EU

9 UK

10 US

16.8 cm

28 EU

10 UK

11 US

17.4 cm

29 EU

10.5 UK

11.5 US

18.1 cm

30 EU

11 UK

12 US

18.7 cm

31 EU

12.5 UK

13 US

19.4 cm

32 EU

13 UK

1.5 US

20.1 cm

33 EU

1 UK

2 US

20.7 cm

34 EU

2 UK

3 US

21.4 cm

35 EU

2.5 UK

3.5 US

22 cm

36 EU

3.5 UK

4.5 US

22.5 cm

37 EU

4 UK

5 US

23.4 cm

38 EU

5 UK

6 US

23.8 cm

39 EU

6 UK

7 US

24.6 cm

40 EU

6.5 UK

8 US

25.1 cm

41 EU

7 UK

9 US

25.8 cm

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